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Soundpeats Air 4 Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless On Installment


Pay with Installment Plans (قسطوں کے ساتھ ادائیگی کریں)


Advance 8,839.60

Processing Fee PKR1000/-

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
8,839.60 2024-06-18
4,861.78 2024-07-19
4,861.78 2024-08-19
4,861.78 2024-09-19

Advance 5,540.22

processing fee 1000

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
5,540.22 2024-06-18
2,576.74 2024-06-19
2,576.74 2024-06-20
2,576.74 2024-06-21
2,576.74 2024-06-22
2,576.74 2024-06-23
2,576.74 2024-06-24
2,576.74 2024-06-25
2,576.74 2024-06-26
2,576.74 2024-06-27
Electronics Plan 6 Months

Advance 6,629.70

Processing Fee PKR1000/-

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
6,629.70 2024-06-18
3,498.27 2024-07-19
3,498.27 2024-08-19
3,498.27 2024-09-19
3,498.27 2024-10-20
3,498.27 2024-11-20
3,498.27 2024-12-21

Advance 4,419.80

Processing Fee PKR1000/-

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
4,419.80 2024-06-18
2,300.51 2024-07-19
2,300.51 2024-08-19
2,300.51 2024-09-19
2,300.51 2024-10-20
2,300.51 2024-11-20
2,300.51 2024-12-21
2,300.51 2025-01-21
2,300.51 2025-02-21
2,300.51 2025-03-24
2,300.51 2025-04-24
2,300.51 2025-05-25
2,320.40 2025-06-25

Product description:

  • High-Fidelity Audio – Elevate your audio experience with our cutting-edge technology. Our Air4 Pro earbuds feature AptX Adaptive Lossless audio decoding, the latest Bluetooth 5.3 version, and Qualcomm AptX Voice for exceptional sound quality. You can count on precise reproduction of every note, a stable connection, and crystal-clear call quality, making your music and conversations truly immersive and enjoyable.
  • Adaptive Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation – Immerse yourself in your world without distractions. SoundPEATS Air4 Pro noise cancelling earbuds come equipped with adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC) that intelligently adapts to your surroundings, ensuring that ambient noise is effectively eliminated. The design also incorporates wind noise resistance, making them ideal for outdoor activities and on-the-go adventures.
  • Powerful Sound and Long Battery Life – Experience audio like never before with 13mm large dynamic drivers that deliver deep and powerful bass while maintaining exceptional clarity across all frequencies. With a total battery life of 26 hours, you can enjoy extended listening sessions and uninterrupted calls. Each wireless earbud provides up to 6.5 hours of playback, and the charging case offers approximately 3 additional charges, ensuring you stay powered throughout the day.
  • Low-Latency Game Mode and Dual-Device Connection – Gamers, rejoice! SoundPEATS Air4 Pro earphones feature an 88ms low-latency gaming mode, providing a competitive edge for your gaming sessions. Moreover, the convenience of connecting to two devices simultaneously means you can seamlessly switch between your phone and tablet, making multitasking a breeze.
    Smart Features and Customization – These Bluetooth earbuds are not just about exceptional audio but also about intelligent functionality. They come with in-ear detection, automatically pausing playback when you remove them from your ears, thereby conserving battery life. Additionally, you can fine-tune your audio preferences with the SOUNDPEATS App, allowing you to tailor your listening experience to your exact liking.



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