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Online shopping is only as good as its execution and SE promises hassle free delivery right from the moment you order to when your package is dropped at your door. We cater to both major and smaller cities alike, and give you the choice to track your package; as it makes its way to you. So, you always know your order status, If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your order, we have a simple 3-day return or exchange policy.


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Shipping/Delivery Policy

Shipping/Delivery is our exclusive service of Salman Electronics which ensures that you only receive what you ordered. Under this special service, our customers are offered to Check the packaging of the order placed to make sure that your desired product arrives in its original sealed packaging.

Shipping/Delivery with Salman Electronics: How Does It Work?

  • At the time of delivery our Customer is offered check the package immediately.
  • Validate the product and confirm the delivery. For all orders our representative may take customer signature & Reciever CNIC picture.
  • If the ordered product is missing, damaged, or different from what you have ordered, the SE will take back the package. The refund process will be initiated, or the product will be replaced, depending on the customers preference.
  • Customer has to clearly state the reason of return in writing on the user dashboard while placing a refund request for a clear understanding by the company.

Terms & Conditions: Things to remember

  • Shipping/Delivery is free on certain conditions depending upon the SE representative’s decision while placing an order.
  • You can check the condition of the Parcel, the company’s seal and colour mentioned on the Invoice, but you cannot break seal of the product to check the inner physical appearance, components or the functioning of the product.
  • This service is currently available for the selected cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi only.
  • Your order will be replaced in case the product is deemed not acceptable. To check out our return policy, visit here:
  • In case of refund, the refund will be initiated based on the payment option you have opted at the time of ordering the product according to the Salman Electronics refund policy.
  • Contact our Customer Care Centre at +92 306 5388 889 or write to us at [email protected] for any further details.

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