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Redmi Buds 5 On Installment


Pay with Installment Plans (قسطوں کے ساتھ ادائیگی کریں)


Advance 5,879.60

Processing Fee PKR1000/-

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
5,879.60 2024-06-18
3,233.78 2024-07-19
3,233.78 2024-08-19
3,233.78 2024-09-19

Advance 3,685.04

processing fee 1000

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
3,685.04 2024-06-18
1,713.90 2024-06-19
1,713.90 2024-06-20
1,713.90 2024-06-21
1,713.90 2024-06-22
1,713.90 2024-06-23
1,713.90 2024-06-24
1,713.90 2024-06-25
1,713.90 2024-06-26
1,713.90 2024-06-27
Electronics Plan 6 Months

Advance 4,409.70

Processing Fee PKR1000/-

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
4,409.70 2024-06-18
2,326.85 2024-07-19
2,326.85 2024-08-19
2,326.85 2024-09-19
2,326.85 2024-10-20
2,326.85 2024-11-20
2,326.85 2024-12-21

Advance 2,939.80

Processing Fee PKR1000/-

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
2,939.80 2024-06-18
1,530.17 2024-07-19
1,530.17 2024-08-19
1,530.17 2024-09-19
1,530.17 2024-10-20
1,530.17 2024-11-20
1,530.17 2024-12-21
1,530.17 2025-01-21
1,530.17 2025-02-21
1,530.17 2025-03-24
1,530.17 2025-04-24
1,530.17 2025-05-25
1,543.40 2025-06-25

Product Description :
Transparency mode

Vocal enhancement
environmental enhancement
Passed the test and certification of China Institute of Metrology
Dual microphone AI calls resist wind noise
Run with all your heart, without fear of the wind
For the first time, Redmi headphones use a self-developed dual-channel AI algorithm that can withstand 6m/s wind noise. The two microphones work together
to effectively filter out wind noise whether riding or running. Wearing headphones, it’s like communicating face to face, clearly and freely.
High-fidelity sound quality
Present the sound details one by one
Extra large titanium-coated diaphragm
Not at the scene, but as if I were there
The 12.4mm large dynamic coil brings a larger vibration area and textured bass; the titanium-coated diaphragm has good rigidity and hardness, and the treble is purer. Listen to the friction between the strings and your hands, listen to the sound of breathing between the lyrics, and use professional acoustic structural units to bring the music back to life.

Redmi Buds 5
12.4mm dynamic driver with titanium diaphragm
Redmi Buds 5
AI noise reduction for calls
Redmi Buds 5
Convenient dual-device connectivity*
Redmi Buds 5
Up to 46dB active noise cancellation with three transparency modes*
Redmi Buds 5
Up to 40 hours long battery life with charging case*
Redmi Buds 5
Extraordinary cutting-edge noise cancellation
Up to 46dB wide active noise cancellation
Tune out the world and tune into your beat
With a noise reduction depth of up to 46dB*, Redmi Buds 5 can effectively reduce low-frequency noise like that in an airplane cabin or on the subway. Put them in and enjoy your personal space.
Redmi Buds 5
Three noise cancellation modes
Tailored solutions
for different scenarios
Redmi Buds 5
Redmi Buds 5
Deep noise cancellation
Subway and airport
Redmi Buds 5
Balanced noise cancellation
Street and gym
Redmi Buds 5
Light noise cancellation
Library and office
Three transparency modes
Hear the world around you
Stay aware of what's happening around you while enjoying your music with 3 transparency modes.
Redmi Buds 5
Redmi Buds 5
Regular mode
Redmi Buds 5
Enhance voice mode
Redmi Buds 5
Enhance ambient sound mode
2-microphone AI-based noise cancellation for calls*
No fear of wind noise, just keep running
Redmi Buds 5 adopts the self-developed dual-channel AI algorithm, allowing it to resist noise generated by a 6m/s wind*. 2-microphone works together to effectively extract voice sounds with precision and filter out external noise, so it feels like you're talking to the person on the line face to face.
Redmi Buds 5
Redmi Buds 5
Ultimate Hi-Fi sound
Hear all the details
Ultra-large driver with titanium diaphragm
Feel like you are hearing it live
The 12.4mm large dynamic driver allows for a larger vibration area and deeper beats, while the rigid and hard titanium-plated diaphragm offers purer treble performance. Hear the string squeaks and breaths between phrases; professional acoustics brings the music to life.
Redmi Buds 5
Independent sound chamber
For a vast soundstage
The Redmi Buds 5 independent sound chamber ensures excellent dynamic frequency response and sound consistency, creating a more realistic and immersive experience with distinct layers of high, medium, and low-frequency sounds.
sound chamber
Redmi Buds 5
Coil with fine winding
Redmi Buds 5
Redmi Buds 5
Strong neodymium magnet
Redmi Buds 5
Redmi Buds 5
dynamic driver with polymeric titanium-plated diaphragm
Audio Balance
Adjust easily with 4 EQ settings to achieve the sound you crave.
Redmi Buds 5
Redmi Buds 5
Redmi Buds 5
Enhance voice
Redmi Buds 5
Enhance treble
Redmi Buds 5
Enhance bass
Redmi Buds 5
Amazing wearing experience
Comfortable in every aspect
Classic earbuds design for a snug fit
Classic design with a new touch. Optimized using data modelling of thousands of ear canal models, Redmi Buds 5 combine stable fit with comfort. With a 65:35 inner and outer weight distribution, Redmi Buds 5 weighs toward the ear to offer a better fit.
Redmi Buds 5
Soft pulse lights
Natural and delicate case
The Redmi Buds 5 charging case features a cloud-like design that is delicate and compact. The pulse lights on the case are made up of five little beads, emitting a soft and natural light. The shiny decorative strips processed with a nano coating add to Redmi Buds 5's elegance.
  • Redmi Buds 5
  • Redmi Buds 5
  • Redmi Buds 5
    Sky blue
Up to 10 hours of listening time
Enjoy non-stop music
Up to 10 hours of listening time without recharging. When used with the charging case, battery life can last up to 40 hours*, so they can keep going for as long as you need them. With fast charging, the earbuds can play up to 2 hours of music after a quick 5-minute charge*.
ANC off
Without charging case:
up to 10h
With charging case:
up to 40h
Redmi Buds 5
Redmi Buds 5
Google Fast Pair
Open the cover for pop-up and simply tap to connect
In one tap, the Redmi Buds 5 enable quick, effortless Bluetooth pairing with your Android* devices. You can even check to see where you last put them.


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