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Dell 3570 Latitude Core i3 6th Gen 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 15.6 Screen Numpad on Installment


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Advance 15,750.00

processing fees 1000

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
15,750.00 2024-04-18
9,450.00 2024-04-19
9,450.00 2024-04-20
9,450.00 2024-04-21
9,450.00 2024-04-22
9,450.00 2024-04-23

Advance 10,500.00

processing fees 1000

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
10,500.00 2024-04-18
6,037.50 2024-05-19
6,037.50 2024-06-19
6,037.50 2024-07-20
6,037.50 2024-08-20
6,037.50 2024-09-20
6,037.50 2024-10-21
6,037.50 2024-11-21
6,037.50 2024-12-22
6,037.50 2025-01-22
6,037.50 2025-02-22

Advance 15,750.00

Processing Fee PKR1000/-

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
15,750.00 2024-04-18
5,250.00 2024-05-19
5,250.00 2024-06-19
5,250.00 2024-07-20
5,250.00 2024-08-20
5,250.00 2024-09-20
5,250.00 2024-10-21
5,250.00 2024-11-21
5,250.00 2024-12-22
5,250.00 2025-01-22
5,250.00 2025-01-23

Advance 13,125.00

processing fees 1000

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
13,125.00 2024-04-18
5,029.50 2024-05-19
5,029.50 2024-06-19
5,029.50 2024-07-20
5,029.50 2024-08-20
5,029.50 2024-09-20
5,029.50 2024-10-21
5,029.50 2024-11-21
5,029.50 2024-12-22
5,029.50 2025-01-22
5,029.50 2025-02-22
5,029.50 2025-03-25
5,029.50 2025-04-25

The Dell Latitude 3570 Core i3 used laptop is a budget-friendly option designed for business and professional use. It offers basic performance for everyday tasks and comes with various configurations. When considering a used unit, evaluate factors such as processor, memory, storage, display, battery life, condition, and warranty. Purchase from a reputable seller and compare prices to ensure a fair deal.

Dell Latitude 3570 Core i3 Laptop Price in Karachi on Installment

The Dell Latitude 3570 is a laptop designed for business and professional use. The Core i3 variant is an entry-level option, providing basic performance for everyday tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and multimedia consumption.

As a used laptop, the specific specifications and condition of the device may vary depending on the seller. Here are some key considerations when looking for a used Dell Latitude 3570 Core i3 laptop:

  1. Processor: The Core i3 processor offers adequate performance for general use. However, for more demanding tasks or multitasking, you might want to consider a laptop with a more powerful processor.
  2. Memory (RAM): Check the amount of RAM included. Aim for at least 4GB, but 8GB is preferable for smoother multitasking and running multiple applications simultaneously.
  3. Storage: Verify the type and capacity of the storage drive. A solid-state drive (SSD) is faster and more reliable than a traditional hard disk drive (HDD). Look for a laptop with an SSD for improved performance. The storage capacity depends on your needs; consider 256GB or higher for storing your files and applications.
  4. Display: The Dell Latitude 3570 typically comes with a 15.6-inch display. Check the screen resolution and quality to ensure it meets your requirements.
  5. Battery Life: Assess the battery health and capacity. Since it's a used laptop, the battery life may have degraded. Make sure it can provide sufficient battery backup for your needs.
  6. Condition: Examine the physical condition of the laptop, including any scratches, dents, or signs of wear. Ensure that all the essential components, ports, and connectors are functional.
  7. Warranty: Check if the laptop is still covered under Dell's warranty or if the seller provides any guarantee or return policy.

When purchasing a used laptop, it's advisable to buy from a reputable seller or consider refurbished options that come with warranties. Request any available documentation, original packaging, and accessories.

Lastly, compare the price of the used Dell Latitude 3570 Core i3 laptop with the current market value of similar devices to ensure you're getting a fair deal.

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