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Baseus Storm 3 ANC True Wireless Earbuds On Installment


Pay with Installment Plans (قسطوں کے ساتھ ادائیگی کریں)


Advance 13,680

Processing Fee PKR1000/-

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
13,680 2024-07-15 23:05:22
7,524 2024-08-15 23:05:22
7,524 2024-09-15 23:05:22
7,524 2024-10-16 23:05:22

Advance 8,574

processing fee 1000

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
8,574 2024-07-15 23:05:22
3,988 2024-07-16 23:05:22
3,988 2024-07-17 23:05:22
3,988 2024-07-18 23:05:22
3,988 2024-07-19 23:05:22
3,988 2024-07-20 23:05:22
3,988 2024-07-21 23:05:22
3,988 2024-07-22 23:05:22
3,988 2024-07-23 23:05:22
3,988 2024-07-24 23:05:22
Electronics Plan 6 Months

Advance 10,260

Processing Fee PKR1000/-

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
10,260 2024-07-15 23:05:22
5,414 2024-08-15 23:05:22
5,414 2024-09-15 23:05:22
5,414 2024-10-16 23:05:22
5,414 2024-11-16 23:05:22
5,414 2024-12-17 23:05:22
5,414 2025-01-17 23:05:22

Advance 6,840

Processing Fee PKR1000/-

ماہانہ اقساط

Payment Amount Payment Date
6,840 2024-07-15 23:05:22
3,560 2024-08-15 23:05:22
3,560 2024-09-15 23:05:22
3,560 2024-10-16 23:05:22
3,560 2024-11-16 23:05:22
3,560 2024-12-17 23:05:22
3,560 2025-01-17 23:05:22
3,560 2025-02-17 23:05:22
3,560 2025-03-20 23:05:22
3,560 2025-04-20 23:05:22
3,560 2025-05-21 23:05:22
3,560 2025-06-21 23:05:22
3,591 2025-07-22 23:05:22

1.Half In-ear Design with Active Noise Cancellation
2.Adaptive Noise Cancellation,12 noise cancellation settings, The Best Noise Cancellation for You
3.6-Mic ENC cancaellation,Use AI neural network algorithm to minimize background noise and wind noise for clearer calls.
4.Optical In-ear Detection,help you play and pause when wear and taken out.
5.Adaptive EQ with Various Noise Cancellation Modes
6.Wireless 5.2; Support Wireless Charging

Half In-ear Design with Active Noise Cancellation

With half-open adaptive ANC noise cancellation technology, the earphones can monitor the sounds outside and inside the earphones and an ANC chipset inverting the soundwaves and a speaker inside the earphone canceling the outside sound by the neutralizing soundwaves.

Baseus U-shaped Acoustic Conduit

For better noise cancellation, Baseus acoustics team has optimized the structure to eliminate earphone squeaking and background noise.

Adaptive Noise Cancellation

When you turn on noise cancellation mode, the microphones inside the earphones will automatically detect ear canal and offer the best noise cancellation solution according to the earphone wear angle and the noise it captures.

The Best Noise Cancellation for You

Over 6000 tests with real people to formulate the 12 perfect noise cancellation algorithms, ensuring the best noise cancellation outcome for our users.

Baseus Gold-Label Certified

Storm 3 has been rigorously and repeatedly tested by our technical acoustics team, and thus been given the “Baseus Acoustics Gold Label”.
1.Baseus Rapid Charge (BRC): charge 10min and listen 2 hours
2.Dual Channel Low-Latency (DCLL): 0.038s latency, audio syncs up with visual
3.Baseus Smart Connect (BSC): seamless switch between 2 connected devices

Immerse Yourself in Theater-like Sound Quality

Customizable full-band sound effects with composite titanized diaphragm and moving coil, plus “Baseus Smart Audio Compensation Technology” to avoid sound loss during noise cancellation mode.

Clear Calls without Wind Noise

6 built-in microphones will automatically capture and suppress the noise from the outside. AI neural network algorithm keeps track of human voice and enhance it, making sure your sound will be heard loud and clear during calls.

Wireless 5.2

Wireless 5.2 effectively improves the transmission performance and the connectivity, fast and stable.

Play and Pause When Wear and Take off

Equipped with optical in-ear detection modules to precisely recognize the state of the earphones, pause immediately as you take them off.

Long Battery Life

Large-capacity battery ensures long battery life, whole-day listening with one full charge.

Snap” to Charge with Magnetic Design

Instant charging with magnetic design, fully charge in about 2 hours.

Unlock for More Possibilities in the App

Unlock for more personalized customization in the app.

Auto Connection

Auto connection as you open the charging case, and auto-sleep as you close it.

Sensitive Touch Control

Touch sensors on each earphone make your control effortless with a tap.


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