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Salman Electronics (SE), offers most environmental friendly, cost savings, and clean energy to home owners and business. Hundreds of thousands of solar systems are installed across the country and working efficiently. Our installation and financing abilities make Salman Electronics (SE), one of the best choice for solar enthusiasts.

Salman Electronics (SE), have made strong and steady presence in the traditional market, including government and non-profits.

Although, Salman Electronics (SE), focus on home solar use, but also has a very strong commercial arm in karachi.

We’re relatively newcomer to the industry as a company but our CEO and team are engineers and has 11 years of experience in the solar; installing large and small projects.

Efficient Services

Our system produces maximum solar energy

A Beautiful Layout

Install solar and power your home with a seamless design. System will be fully integrated and provide storage system. Chat with energy consultant to ask any question about your solar needs.

Home backup Batteries

Our battery storage provide you with 24/7 energy security. Batteries are charged with solar panels installed and use the power anytime – at night or during load shedding.

Long lasting Solution

Solar panels are durable, strong, and sustainable in all weather. With a 25-years warranty, solar panels will produce a continuous energy for your home for decades to come.

By expert Engineers

We have our in-house team of engineers and professionals, expert in solar field. We take care of your every solar need from design to power on. You may Chat with our solar advisor and ask any question related to solar.

Get More Pay Less

Our efficient solar system is fixed in a way that it generates the most energy possible, even in intermittent sunlight. Your fully integrated system is safe, reliable and ready to take on in load shedding environment. We install the best possible Inverter in the market.

Solar panels can help pay their price for itself with the energy you produce. You get power in lowest price per watt and take control of your monthly bill.

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