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WestPoint Home, Inc. is a provider of style and center home material items. They have been serving for more than 25 years in Pakistan as producers of Home Appliances. They have mixed innovation and development to set new quality benchmarks in each item classification. They make the existence simpler for their clients by presenting imaginative items in the business sectors.

There are numerous items that west point made for the individuals: washing machine of a few kinds, likewise the industrial food facility.


Washing machines:

A washing machine is a home gadget used to wash garments. West point utilized term is, generally, applied to devices that use water instead of cleaning (which uses elective cleaning fluids and is performed by master associations) or ultrasonic cleaners. It’s valuable for ladies who have a lot of outside works since their spare time and vitality.

West point clothes washing machine features of more current models is the reload work. West point Washing machine is a simple arrangement in numerous nuclear families, making it easy to clean everyone’s pieces of clothing without the issue of taking off to the laundromat or cleaner.


They’re used a couple of times every week, so it’s essential to have one that can manage such use and won’t discrete. The West point Washing Machine price in Pakistan is Rs16,007 and the most reduced value discovered is Rs8,999. The most recent costs of the washing machine start from Rs10,743. The Common models accessible in Pakistan are West point Single Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine WF-1017. West point clothes washers are helpful and straightforward to work. It includes a 6kg stacking limit, various wash projects, and turn speeds. Front burden clothes washer with a treated steel tub and ground-breaking hardcore engine. They additionally made a 7kg clothes washer limit with a Spin Speed of 1200 RPM, Drum Volume is 47 L with LED Control Panel, and it gives a voltage of 220-240 V 50 Hz the individuals having low price range can easily purchase this.

The individuals who need a twin tub clothes washer, so the WestPoint makes it simpler by presenting Twin-Tub Washer accompanies a limit of 14Kg for each wash and 9Kg for Spin Dry. With its enormous washing tub, even the greatest of wash loads get thoroughly cleaned in one cycle. Its rust-proof plastic body expands the life of the clothes washer.

From this, it tends to be presumed that the west point washing machine is more developed then different models. It has numerous underlying capacities that you can use for the dry machine and use for the clothes washer.


Food factories

West point likewise present WF-4806, WF-8818, WF-9209, WF-2803, WF-1851, WF-5805, and WF-1500 best multifunction food industrial facility accessible in Pakistan. They work as chopper, blender, processor, slicer, shredder, natural product channel, juice extractor, and so forth. The Lowest cost of West point Food Factory in Pakistan starts from Rs5,900, and the average assessed price is Rs6,700.

Food plant brings diverse, imaginative highlights that remember 5 for 1 Blender, Juicer, Grinder, Mincer, Stainless Steel Blades, Quick and Easy Cleaning, Large Capacity 1750 ml Plastic Jar, Non-Slip adjustable base, Two Speed Blender with Pulse Function, and security Locks.


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