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We are the dealers of electrical home appliances and deal with the best companies in electronics. PAKISTAN ELEKTRON LIMITED (PEL), being the pioneer of home appliances, has made its mark by serving the nation since 1956. Thanks to their tireless hard-work and usage of the ultra-modern techniques in their machinery, PEL made sure to deliver innovation and premium quality products to their consumers. This dedication and motivation helped them to not only supply products to our nation, but to also expand their market overseas. We feel proud to take this prestigious company under our umbrella to better our valuable customers’ lives. 




Everyone has heard the phrase ‘old is gold.’ PEL completely understands and embraces new technologies to run with the pace of life. PEL is well-aware of the fact, in today’s world, where websites are influential outlets are nonetheless. Salman electronics has numerous outlets around the Karachi city to facilitate the dignified customers. Karachi, being the city with the highest population in Pakistan, so there are many salman electronics Pel outlets  are in Karachi at different locations.  There is a highly recognized PEL outlet near AYESHA MANZILwhich is salman electronics branch, due to its warm and satisfying customer service. The PEL outlet near the mosmiat which also salman electronics main branch plays a vital role in clarifying the customers and answering their queries related to any electronic item of PEL. 


PEL is a vast company with manufacturing and supplying a variety of home appliances with advanced technology and according to customers’ requirements. The electronics such as Refrigerators, Air-Conditioners, Deep Freezers, and LED TV’S were added to the basket.   


Refrigerator once used to fall in the list of wants, but it has become the need of every household with the change in times. Henceforth, keeping that broader vision in sight, PEL has introduced different categories ranging from low to high prices, making them affordable for everyone. The fridges are designed with immense beauty, texture and the material used to manufacture is inexplicably attractive and irresistible. The PEL refrigerator prices in Karachi are moderate, falling between the range of (22k to 2.0 Lakhs). The extravagantly splendid look of a double door refrigerator is a unique feature that automatically increases its storage capacity and gives a unique look to the interior where placed.   


Our motive is to collaborate with the topmost brands of electronics and bring them all under one roof, just a click away for our consumers’ conveyance. We only join hands with authentic companies that whites and stores must gain clients’ trust, e.g.: PEL stores in Karachi. We aim to provide the best customer service, nationally as well as to our international users. The company that is as renowned as PEL and which has such a vast market, it is essential for it that there must be no compromise in the quality of product and the service which is being provided must be up-to-the-mark.