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Haier is the most leading brand in Pakistan in-home appliance categories. This company started its work in 1920 as a refrigerator factory from china. It slowly expanded and move to a different appliance and, now it is a leading brand of home appliances all over the world. The founder of the company is zhangRuimin, and its headquarter is located in Qingdao, China.

Haier In Pakistan:

This company initiated its work in Pakistan in September 2005. In Beijing, January 2016, Haier ranked the number one major appliance brand in the world by Euromonitor international. Its market shares are 32% in Pakistan due to its excellent service and products; they successfully get attention from their customers, retain them effectively, and expand their portfolio. Their product categories include Haier Ac, refrigerator, deep freezer, automatic washing machine, inverter Ac, DC inverter, air conditioner, smart LED, microwave oven, laptop. All these products are groundbreaking and have unique features compared to the development of other companies.

Haier Online In Karachi

Nowadays, Buyer rapidly uses the internet platform to call and order their product requirements. Those who do not transform their service are unable to satisfy their customers. Fortunately, Haier has this service, and they entertain their customers very well.

The price of their products is merely reasonable according to their features; both are linked together. The cost of the Haier washing machine starts from 9000, which is affordable for every individual. They offer a series of automatic washing machines like a fully automatic washing machine that provides heavy water flow due to its strong jet stream engine. Double magic filters help remove the deep stain. The semi-automatic washing machine has its feature and uniqueness. It also has a healthy spin, which increases water flow pressure but is very gentle in clothes like silk and chiffon lace. It also has a wind dry feature, which removes moisture and excess water from the clothes. A front-load fully automatic washing machine has a unique feature as this machine has a child lock, which protects your child from any severe injury, which can happen due to the washing machine. They also launched a smart washing machine with a Wi-Fi feature, which makes your laundry interesting.

Haier Air conditioners & Dc Inverters:

Air conditioners, DC inverter, inverter Ac also come under significant category products. Their price and features are also eye-catching and grab customers because they fulfill the requirements of their buyers. 36000 is the lowest price of Haierinverterac, which is one ton in weight, and the recent price of1.5-ton inverter ac is 75000 in Pakistan, which consumed 3.517KW of power.DC inverter of one-ton capacity gives you a cooling of 12000BTU with an air circulation of 650(m/h). Power input cooling/heating is 320 to 1440, enable with ups device and hidden led with the warranty of 1-year parts and five years for the compressor. They also introduced portable air conditioners to hold and move from one room to another as per your ease.

Haier refrigerators In Karachi:

The refrigerator, freezer market prices are also budget-friendly for everyone. The initial cost of a fridge/freezer in Karachi is 30,000. It may vary from city to city; they also have different categories according to people’s needs. E star and turbo refrigerator, which has two doors and is commonly used in Pakistan. Single door fridge is also available for a small room in various advance and luxury designs, making your bedroom more elegant. Simultaneously, the SBS and inverter are more modern and advanced refrigerators with many years of warranty and consume less electricity as their vision is to promote luxury life at a low cost. It is the first company in Pakistan that manufactures laptops, about 200,000 laptops of Haier company supply to the government, and Pakistan’s shinning students to get a high GPA. Haier company also sells small kitchen appliances like a juicer machine, sandwich maker. Kettle, blender, toaster, air fryer.

Currently, Haier is the most advanced company in the globe. Continuous innovation is the objective of this company, and they efficaciously achieve their mission. They continuously win the heart of their customers by providing them what they want. This company succeeds in fulfilling this era’s requirements and take steps towards more success day by day. Haier has been taken apart in the modification of about 100 technological standards. They have the concept that customers are the foundation of growth, so they never neglect them, making them more demanding by their customers.